Foundry Part 1


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  • Now I could proceed with mounting the tank to the new frame. Here it is lined up in the frame so that the 3 contact points could be marked on the frame and tank that will be the vertical center-lines of the support legs.

  • This is the tank with the legs fabricated and mounted to the tank and frame. I welded two 1/4-20 bolts for each leg from inside the furnace and attach with nuts on the outside. I figured this would pose the least problem down the road if I need to remove it after the refractory is poured.

  • This picture shows the guide tubes welded to the back-side of the tank. This will guide the lift-rod for the lid. It is open in the middle because a 12" piece of tubing was all I could find at the local surplus steel yard. Slim pickings there lately.

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