Foundry Part 1


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Seeing as the furnace will weigh close to 250 lbs when complete, I <pun> weighed </pun> my options as to how to move it around the shop. I decided I had better build a frame before I went too much further with the furnace building.

  • I started by cutting up some 1-1/4" square tubing I acquired about 8 years ago.

  • Here is the frame tack-welded together. Since the table is neither flat nor level, I used shims to level and align all the pieces before tacking them. The design is a triangle with the corners mitered to create an irregular hexagon. (Irregular in the sense that not all 6 sides are equal length. The angles are regular 120 angles.) The triangular shape was used so that it would not rock on my uneven shop floor as would a design with 4 corners. Also, I only had three casters that matched.

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