Foundry Part 3


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  • This is a good picture showing the clothing that I (almost) always wear. There are inherent dangers with a hobby of this sort, and I try to practice safety as much as possible. Those are CarHart overalls and jacket over my regular clothing, welding gloves, heavy work boots and welding cap and clear face shield. Yes it is hot, but I make do by taking jacket off while metal is getting up to melting temperature. Anyways, here is a half-full crucible ready for pouring.

  • I use one of my wife's old steel muffin tins as a mold for my ingots. Actually it wasn't old when I swiped it, but we won't get into that story now. Suffice it to say she has some really nice new muffin pans now. Here you can see how the pouring handle fits into the loop on the lower part of the crucible and is used to tilt the crucible for pouring.

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