Foundry Part 3


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  • The aluminum has now been poured and is waiting to cool. This was only a small batch. With a full crucible this muffin tin would be full and there would be enough metal left to fill it 1/3 to 1/2 way again.

  • Here are the ingots all cooled off and ready to go in the bin with the others. These each weigh about 2/3 U.S. pounds (or 3 of them is about 2 pounds). The crucible I am currently using can hold about 6 pounds of molten aluminum.

  • I currently have about 45 pounds of raw material refined and still have quite a good size scrap pile. Stay tuned for the next segment which will chronicle the building of the molding bench and all the necessary mold-making tools and equipment. Then it is on to the Gingery Lathe!

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