Foundry Part 3


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  • Now, if one is going to use the furnace to melt metal, one needs a container to hold the metal while it is in the furnace. That is the job of the crucible. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the actual making of the crucible. I will try to remember to do that on the next one. I used 4-inch diameter steel pipe and 1/4-inch plate for the bottom. The bottom was cut with an oxy-acetylene torch and then welded on with an AC arc welder with about 175 Amps. On the bottom left you can see the eye made with 1/2-inch round bar. This is used to pull the bottom back and tilt the crucible for pouring. Using the same material I also welded ears on the top on each side. This is where my "tongs" pick up the crucible. Although it is hard to see in this picture there is a lip on the upper-right side to aid in pouring the molten metal. In the background is some of the scrap you will see being melted later on.

  • Here is a picture of the tongs and the pull-bar for pouring. This is made with the same 1/2-inch round bar as was used on the crucible. I simply heated it with the oxy-acetylene torch and bent it with a vise and hammer.

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