Foundry Part 3


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  • One thing that I didn't show (and only because I did not think of it until now) is the lighting of the burner. I have a gas ball-valve in line. I set up the pressure to about 2 psi and then open the line to get the gas flowing through the burner. At this point I am already wearing my Carhart jacket and welding gloves. I reach in and use a regular torch striker to light the burner, pulling my arm back out as soon as it lights. You do not want to do this bare-armed without a heavy (somewhat non-flammable) jacket on. Trust me. Don't ask how I know. This picture shows the flame through the exhaust hole with the lid closed.

  • Here you can see the steam rolling out of the furnace. Again, at this point I am just making short heats at less than full gas flow. Also, lid handle is only temporary.

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