Propane Burner


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  • Testing: This next photo shows the test-rig that I used. I did not have any propane-grade hose on hand, so I used some extra acetylene hose that I had. This was just for this test only as the hose is not chemically suited for long-term use with propane. However 15 minutes or so won't hurt it. On the propane tank is an adjustable regulator set with high-side and low-side gauges. It's range is from 0 to +25 psi, although the graduated portion of the scale on the gauge stops at 15 psi. You can see I added the 1-1/2" pipe nipple at the intake end.

  • Here is an image of the burner right after it's first light. I apparently did a pretty good job at lining up the jet hole with the center of the tube. It produced a nice neutral blue flame right off the bat.

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