Propane Burner


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  • SAFETY NOTE: Allow the pipe to gradually air cool, DO NOT QUENCH! There is EXTREME DANGER when quenching pipe, that it will blow scalding water out the top and can severely burn you or anyone unfortunate enough to be near it! Find a safe place to allow the pipe to cool, where other people (esp. little fingers!) won't touch it.

  • Step 8: Once the flared pipe has been allowed to cool back down to room temperature it is time to drill out some holes for the set screws that will lock it into place on the end of the burner.   Following the same procedure as above, drill and tap two holes for the set screws. Space them angularly 120 degrees on the un-flared end of the pipe, about 3/8" in from the end.

  • Step 9: Assemble the pieces into the burner. Make sure to use a liquid pipe dope in a tube and not the teflon tape variety. Leave the set screws finger-tight on both the jet tube and the flared end for adjustment later on.

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