Propane Burner


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  • Step 4: Once the cross holes are drilled the next step is to drill out holes to be tapped for set screws that hold the jet nipple in place. These two holes are drilled in the lip of the large end of the reducer bell. Make sure to center the holes (punching helps). I used #6-32 hex-key set screws. Use a #36 drill for this size hole. I then deburred and made a slight countersink using a #24 drill bit as shown here.

  • Step 5: Tap the holes for the set screws. I quickly realized that I did not have a tap handle with a small enough collar to hold the #6 tap. Crescent-wrench to the rescue. Fortunately this set still has fairly tight jaws so there was no slop to cause slipping on the end of the tap. Plenty of machine oil and working the tap both forwards and backwards make this part easy. Slow and steady is the key to not breaking the tap.

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