Propane Burner


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  • Step 6: The "Reil" burner requires a flared end piece. The flare is 1/8" over the outer 1-1/2" of the 1" pipe nipple. I had the plumbing supply store cut the threads off of both ends which left me with about a 2-3/4" length. The easiest way for me to create that flare was to use an oxy-acetylene torch to heat half the length of the pipe section. The bar clamped in the vise is a section of 3/4" round bar stock. In the lower right you can see the burner partially assembled.

  • Step 7: Once the pipe is cherry-red it is time to start making the flare. Off to the right side where you cannot see, I am holding the "cool" end of the pipe using 12" water-pump pliers. Bring the pipe section so only the 1-1/2" section is on the round bar and "gently" beat the pipe while holding the pipe at an angle to the round bar. Continue working all around the pipe to evenly create the flare. If you work quick enough you can complete this with only one additional re-heat with the torch.

  • SAFETY NOTE: Allow the pipe to gradually air cool, DO NOT QUENCH! There is EXTREME DANGER when quenching pipe, that it will blow scalding water out the top and can severely burn you or anyone unfortunate enough to be near it! Find a safe place to allow the pipe to cool, where other people (esp. little fingers!) won't touch it.

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