Propane Burner


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  • Success! The propane burner gets more than hot enough to melt the aluminum in open air. It is so hot in fact that you cannot stand to be within 6 feet in front of it. Even holding the transmission case off to the side I was getting very uncomfortable. It took about 3 minutes to get the case to melt using about 15 psi of gas pressure. The picture below shows the first drop of molten aluminum that fell to the ground.  Small chunks held with the pliers melt in about 20 seconds.

  • Now I just have to build the foundry furnace!

  • Lessons and Tips

    • Read, Understand and  Prepare! Familiarize yourself with the project and understand all the steps before beginning.

    • Read the FAQs available at Ron Reil's site. Learn first what other people have done wrong so that you won't repeat the same mistakes.

    • Take your time. Don't Rush. The old saying "haste makes waste" applies not only to materials but also to your precious free time.

    • If there is something you don't understand then seek out people in your community involved in forge and foundry work, establish a relationship and politely ask for advice. Most important, respect the time they give you and don't abuse the privelege.

    • If you follow all of these tips and the instructions contained here you should be able to successfully build your own working propane burner.

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