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  • 15-Jan-2005: Added the third and final series on the foundry build and operational startup.
  • 15-Aug-2004: Updated site with better HTML META tags and keywords for Search-Engine optimization.
  • 13-Apr-2004: Added in Part 2 of the foundry build showing the rest of the build through the first heat in the furnace. Includes finishing the fabrication and pouring the refractory.
  • 06-Jan-2004: Added progress to date on the foundry pages (2 through 8). Also added page about cutting circles with table saw.
  • 15-Nov-2003: Site moved to permanent home at from (Free ISP page).
  • 21-Aug-2003: Apparently my ISP reset the page counter. Adjusted date on Home Page to reflect this. Count was greater than 500 last I had checked.
  • 29-Jul-2003: Added initial information on the Foundry design.
  • 05-Jul-2003: Initial web site creation. Contains burner information.
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